Human Design Integration

Integration month

One month experience

This will help you understand and embody your Human design both in business and in your life. We'll deep dive into Energy Type (strategy, energy flow, signature theme, not-self theme), Authority, defined/undefined energy centers, Profile and Variables (how you take in information and how you best share information, karma, how you best work), Channels, Circuitry, Incarnation Cross (your unique superpowers + life purpose) and how these things apply to your business (if you are building one).

Understand your life’s purpose and pursue it with confidence

Drop any old limitations, patterns, and conditioning that is keeping you stuck in your life.

Create an awareness and deep appreciation of your unique gifts so that your sense of worth and value grows exponentially.

Unleash your full potential

How we work together - the details:

  • 1-month container
  • 3 sixty-minute private coaching calls including personalized Human design reading and integration support
  • Voice and text support via Voxer

Please note: You will receive an email confirmation with a link to schedule your HD Reading appointment after your purchase. While scheduling your appointment, please have your date of birth, exact time of birth, birth location and birth country ready. **Please check your spam/junk/other folders for the email.

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